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We can provide catering for all your group functions, corporate meeting, birthday celebrations and more.
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Starters Set

  • Spring Rolls       20pcs           $45

  • Curry Puffs        20pcs           $45

  • Money Bags      20pcs           $45

  • Seafood Rolls    20pcs          $30

  • Chicken Satay    20skewers  $54

  • Fish Cake           20pcs          $45

  • Steamed Dim Sim   20pcs     $36

  • Deep Fried Dim Sim 20pcs    $36

What We Offer

Catering Set


  • Sweet&Sour Sauce

  • Param Peanut sauce

  • Garlic & Pepper

  • Basil Chilli

  • Cashew Nuts Chilli Jam

  • Oyster sauce


  • Pad Thai

  • Pad Siew

  • Pad Singaporean

  • Pad Hokkien


  •  Green Curry

  • Red Curry  

Your choice of Protein

Vegetables  I Chicken  I  Beef

Party Size

Regular size $110

Regular serves: 10-15 people as a side

*included steamed rice
For Stir Fried & Curry

Large size $150

Large serves: 15-25 people as a side

*included steamed rice
For Stir Fried & Curry

24 hours  notice required for pickup


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We’re here to help you bring real food to the table. Whether that’s a picnic table for a birthday party, or a meeting table for a work thing, we’ll bring the good stuff.

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